Book - Technically Wrong

I think this book would’ve been slightly better for my past self to have read, with the potential issue of my past self not being fully reciprocal to the content nor interested enough to pick up the book in the first place. I’d blame myself for being too enthusiastic about the tech industry and its seemingly endless possibilities as well as being too focused on my own career path. It’s easy to forget to stop and reflect on your own privileges and empathising with others situation’s during your own struggles.

The book is a great read for anyone working in tech or anyone who’s interacting with parts of the tech industry (which is most people these days). The book succinctly breaks down the broken feedback loops of biases, ethical oversights and sexisms littered throughout the tech industry specifically. It’s not something most of us feel we perpetuate, we’re just doing our best to solve interesting problems right? But the problems runs deeper than any single individual, the culture that has been set as precedence by successful companies is non welcoming to outsiders resulting in a lack of diversity which in turn shows itself in how the technology around us is meant to be interacted with.

It’s a short read with a lot of anecdotal stories, lacking a bit in deeper insights and advice. If you’ve been following the tech industry for a longer time you’ve most likely been able to pick up most pieces presented in the book, but you might not pieced everything together in feedback the broad perspective given in this book.