The name’s AndrĂ© Johnson and I’m a đŸ‘¨ software engineer originating from a small town in Finland. I’m currently calling The Netherlands my home. So far I have been lucky enough being able to travel, work and live in many different countries. Most of my time is spent at work Castor, which is a nice little company based in Amsterdam with a great mission. Most of my spare time is unfortunately spent on consuming media and entertainment, outside of that I’m a hobby photographer, active in meetups, exercising and trying to slowly digest a new area of interest.


My own little personal website, a place where I try to compile and post anything I find worthwhile. Reflections, photos or any content I’d find worth saving, sharing or just polish up and get out of my mind. I’ve lately been inspired by many high quality and simple personal blogs.


I believe reflecting on everything is one of the most important things we can do, taking a break from things in order to gather and understand your thoughts. Compiling your thoughts and making them public ideally pushes you to put a bit extra effort in it, as long as you keep doing it.