Book - Homo Deus

Sapiens (the first book) is one I quickly recommend to most people, easy to read and will broaden your perspective on what it means to be human. I had high hopes going into Homo Deus but unfortunately it fails to captivate to the same degree.

Book - On Writing Well

As early as I can remember I loved reading and writing, I was constantly using my fathers old grey typweriter writing my own adventure stories imagining the future fame I’d have to humbly accept. My fictional fame didn’t last long as there came a point during my early school years where insecurities and school itself killed my writing spirit.


During my late teenage years I started thinking about getting a tattoo, eventually the thought turned into a fact, a fact without need to be reflected on any longer, it's been sitting there as a fact all this time until I now at 31 have booked my first appointment.

Book - Weapons of Math Destruction

Good and short introduction for anyone interested in the subject of big data and its potential negative side effects, I think the core message can be summarized in this quote: Big Data processes codify the past. They do not invent the future.

Book - Technically Wrong

I think this book would’ve been slightly better for my past self to have read, with the potential issue of my past self not being fully reciprocal to the content nor interested enough to pick up the book in the first place.