Finnish Web Developer with a broad range of skills and interests, utilizing many of them through my work as a full stack developer. Especially enjoy tinkering with technology, exploring designs and user experiences. Easily excited by new opportunities, projects and experiences. I enjoy working in a diverse environment where I'm able to keep learning while creatively combine my skills.


Full Stack Developer

May 2015 - December 2016
BRND WGN - Malta

Worked on a wide variety of projects for a creative advertising agency in Malta. Enjoyed a lot of freedom and responsibilities working on projects from start to finish, making decisions on architecture, technology and design. Collaborated with designers in implementing website front-ends from Photoshop and Illustrator. Added ecommerce functionalities to our in-house CMS platform used by different webshops supporting millions of products.

Web developer

April 2014 - September 2014
Loyalzoo - London

Web developer intern at a small startup in London. Began by bugfixing, maintaining and updating the website, remaking the signup process. Continued development on their PHP backend adding customer features. Had full freedom in developing a separate stand-alone web application integrating with their current system using PHP and AngularJS

University / Personal Projects

During University I participated in many project courses, code camps and hackathons. Through to these I gained a lot of practical experience with many different frameworks, platforms and people.

Walkbase Hackathon - A one weekend long hackathon where our team of three won first place by creating a mobile application utilising the WalkBase API for indoor positional tracking.
Special Course in SE: Mobile Application Development - 24 hour Windows Phone 7 workshop, created a basic application for the platform, this was followed up by a longer project course where my team created an area based chat application for WP7. After the completion of the course we were invited by Nokia to a private event at their Helsinki headquarters for a 2 days intensive hackathon.
Project course - University group project course with six other people. We created an online community storytelling platform. Main technologies used were PHP and AngularJS, I did the majority of the backend development while also working a lot with AngularJS. We finished the course in March 2015 with some of our group members planning to continue working on the project.
Developement of Web Applications and Web Services - Completed the course by creating a fully featured auctioning website with RESTful services for browsing, searching and bidding. Made with the Django framework using the Python programming language.
GGJ - Global Game Jam - I have participated in several of the yearly global game jams where I've completed prototypes of different games during a weekend. Each year using different platforms, ranging from web, Unity and Mobile.

Skills & Proficiency

The listed skills are the main frameworks and tools I have used on a daily professional basis. Beyond these I have used many other technologies for smaller projects and feel confident in quickly picking up different frameworks and ways of working.








Illustrator & Photoshop